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Nathan is an independent filmmaker from the UK. He is currently a student at York University, Toronto. His films centre on strong performances and bold visuals and he is interested in ideas that challenge conventional viewpoints. His short film 'The Substitute' was screened at over fifty film festivals worldwide and picked up ten awards. He attended Berlinale Talents in 2016 and was received a Kodak Student Scholarship for his work.

When Madeleine was told that in order to be successful she would have to choose between screenwriting and acting she set out to prove everyone wrong...by adding producer to her belt as well! She believes there is never an idea that doesn't possess the kernel of a great story, and never a character that doesn’t possess a closet full of demons, quirks and desires.


Madeleine is focused on writing scripts that push the envelope for female roles in film, bringing flawed and believable women to the page. Her focus is on creating complex relatable characters that directors will want to direct and actors will want to act!



Booruffle Films specialise in delivering engaging stories focusing on strong female characters that challenge current film stereotypes.